Patient Experience And Employee Engagement Webinars

Join us for a series of engaging webinars aimed at defining, discussing, and crafting strategies to enhance your rounding processes. Our webinars cover a diverse array of topics, including current industry trends in patient experience and employee engagement, offering actionable insights that attendees can readily implement. These programs cater to nursing, hospital administration, HR professionals, and patient experience leaders seeking to either develop new rounding programs or refine existing processes.

Learn new ideas and best practices

Each 60-minute webinar will welcome a limited registration to ensure that all have a chance to actively participate and ask questions to the Nobl team of rounding experts.

Learn new ideas and best practices

Tap into a network of patient experience professionals

Webinars are designed to have periodic moments of reflection and discussion through the presentation so that attendees can interact with fellow webinar attendees.

Tap into a network of patient experience professionals

Upcoming Webinars


The Art & Science of Leadership Rounding on Patients 

June 5, 2024 | 1 pm CT

Our most popular webinar is back and revised for 2024!

Effective leadership rounding on patients can significantly enhance their experience, especially when empathetic leaders establish relationships based on respect and trust. Mastering the art of purposeful rounding entails not only inquiring about experiences but also subtly shaping them for the better.

In this webinar, we'll delve into the transformative potential of moving beyond mere surveying with leadership rounding. We'll explore how to elevate it to a daily practice that empowers patients and crafts remarkable moments on their journey. Join us as we unlock the keys to impactful patient-centered care.

Katie Haifley, CPXP, Co-Founder COO/CMO | Nobl

Nurse Leader Rounding