Know And Act On Predicted Patient Experience Scores While They Are Still Admitted

Revolutionize How you Prioritize Rounds and Perform Service Recovery


Patient Prediction Scores

Identify and Act on Real-time Patient Experiences.

Using our proprietary algorithm, the solution ingests real-time patient and experience data to show a predicted experience score while they are still in the hospital.

Patient's who received a daily round in the solution had a 85.56% accuracy rate in predicting their future HCAHPS Overall Rating.

A Heatmap To Visualize your Patient Experiences.

Hospital leaders can use this powerful data to apply experience interventions to proactively address patient experience issues before the patient is discharged.

This can help you:

  • Prioritize who to round on
  • Identify patients for senior leader visits
  • Perform service recovery
Patient Experience Heatmap
Patient Journey Map

Understand your Patient's Satisfaction Journey

Visualize powerful patient satisfaction analytics while your patient's are still in your care with a journey map and comprehensive reports to analyze their experience data.

Analyze experience data like:

  • Experience scores overtime
  • Reasons and contributing factors for the score
  • Previous rounds and notes on the intervention used to change their experience

Watch the Webinar: Creating a Predictive Patient Experience Algorithm

Discover how a group of organizations embarked on a journey to create a predictive patient experience algorithm to predict if patients are having positive or negative experiences in real-time. Using a combination of data from the EMR, patient rounds, and experience surveys, the algorithm evolved from rudimentary to an adaptive robust predictive model. 

Webinar hosted by The Beryl Institiute and produced by:

  • Katie Haifley, CPXP | Co-founder COO/CMO, Nobl 
  • Melissa Bartels, MSN, RN, CCRN | Director of Critical Care Services, Bryan Health
  • Keri Cartagena, MSN, RN, ONC | Clinical Resource Nurse, Bryan Health
  • Jessica Daniels, MPA, PMP | Executive Director System Patient Experience, WellStar Health System

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