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Nurse Hourly Rounds

Nurse Hourly Rounds

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Leader and Environment Rounds

Employee and Team Rounds

Employee and Team Rounds

Proven Patient Safety and Satisfaction Outcomes

Increase Patient Satisfaction

It’s no secret that a patient’s experience affects your reimbursement. Utilizing a system that automatically alerts others about patient concerns, resolutions become seamless and efficient. By handling issues proactively, our clients have improved HCAHPS metrics by over 22 percentile points across all domains.

Decrease Patient Falls

Patient falls are a universal concern for any patient population. It’s easy for busy nurses to lose track of time during the day. Our tools remind nurses to engage patients on an hourly basis. By checking on patients consistently, our clients have seen fall reductions of over 40% in the first year.

Reduce Call Lights and Save Time

The call light, an important lifeline for help but also a constant interruption to nurses. Our tools encourage greater rounding consistency, leading to efficiency gains from call light reductions. Our partners have lowered their call lights by over 30%.

Strengthen Nurse Engagement

Nurse turnover is expensive, disruptive and it threatens the quality of care and patient safety. By utilizing a system that gives your employees a voice, leaders can focus on retention instead of hiring. Keeping an employee on board their first year can save a hospital over $65,000.

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