Beryl Institute Client Story

Bryan Medical Center, a non-profit tertiary healthcare system needed a solution to improve its then paper-based hourly rounding process. Their hourly rounding process was a strategy used to achieve inpatient goals of improving HCAHPS scores and aid in the prevention of patient harm by assuring meaningful contact with staff on an hourly basis. Administration and nursing leadership recognized purposeful hourly rounding as an essential strategy for proactively managing patient care — helping nurses meet the demands of acute care more effectively.

The original implementation of hourly rounding involved documenting on a sheet of paper in the room to keep track of this process at the time of each round. Over time, it became clear that optimizing this strategy to fully yield the intended benefits required improved efficiency and accountability, which was difficult to achieve with a paper-based documentation process.

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Outcomes featured in this client story:

  • 41.4% reduction in patient falls 
  • 82% increase in consistency of rounds

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