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Article Spotlight: Nobl, NRC Health, and Bryan Health

This past month, NRC Health published an article highlighting how Bryan Health leveraged rounding data from the Nobl Rounding Platform and real-time patient feedback from NRC Health to provide personalized care to patients. The article shared the innovative ways the health system is harnessing the power of patient feedback to understand and predict patient experience and satisfaction scores.

Here are some of the highlights from the article below. Click here to read the full article!


Integrating NRC Health’s robust patient feedback data with software from Nobl, Bryan Health created a system to help predict whether a patient will have a positive or negative experience during a hospital stay. It has since become a critical tool for nurse and clinician rounding. 


Having a clear understanding of every patient’s experience and expectations has not only helped Bryan Health improve patient experience scores but has also given its nurses the ability to predict the quality of a patient’s experience, based on past and present interactions; opened the door for personal connections; and supported service-recovery efforts.