Our story

Together with our clients, we serve people in the common quest for better healthcare delivery. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of nursing and healthcare by developing leading-edge applications.

Since the beginning, Nobl has stood firm on the foundation that our applications will be simple to use and solve problems both efficiently and effectively. We focus our efforts toward creating tools that refine and improve outdated processes while taking the demands of nursing into consideration — concentrating on functionality and usability. We understand that by empowering nurses with the tools necessary for exemplary job performance, their patients will have a better experience and a better outcome.

We were born from a partnership with a hospital, and together we research current and projected hospital needs, allowing us to design and develop a product catered to a nurse’s needs as they change and evolve. Nurses play an integral part in our software’s development, and their feedback allows us to enhance and shape it to their needs. Our product development methods aren’t the easiest approach, but it ensures we build a product that nurses embrace, allowing them to spend their time focusing on patients.

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