Vigilance™ Hourly Rounds

The new standard for managing patient care

Vigilance™ is a comprehensive hourly rounding solution built by nurses — for nurses. Our intuitive platform enables nurses to proactively anticipate and meet patient needs while reducing patient call light frequency and increasing safety. From on-site personalized training to exceptional customer service and support after deployment, we’ll be with you through every step of the process. Let’s team up and make Vigilance™ your best solution to hardwire hourly rounding in your organization.

  • Vigilance™ is an intuitive platform to document hourly rounds
  • Rounding maps allow nurses to collaborate as a team to care for patients
  • Gain valuable insight into hourly rounding compliance using robust analytics
  • Vigilance™ gives nurse leaders a tool to coach staff and recognize those top performers

Digital rounding

At its core, Vigilance™ provides nurses with an intuitive platform to document hourly rounds both quickly and efficiently. With Vigilance, each unit can have a unique hourly rounding checklist to suit the needs of the patients and the goals of the organization. By integrating with Active Directory and using your hospital’s existing technology, hourly rounds take mere seconds to document—allowing nurses to focus on more purposeful rounds and personalized patient care.

Seamlessly update family

Continuous family phone calls consume time that could be spent providing patient care. Vigilance™ reimagines day-to-day family communication by automatically sharing relevant patient information with those who need it. After a round is complete, non patient-identifying data is securely pushed to our Friends and Family Portal giving family around-the-clock access to updates using their smartphone, tablet, or PC — eliminating worry due to lack of communication. It’s never been easier for family members to see their loved one is regularly receiving the care they deserve.

Visit our Friends and Family Portal page to learn more about this portal.

Collaborate as a team

The key to hourly rounding comes down to nurses performing them in a timely and consistent manner. As part of our package, we create custom maps that display a live rounding blueprint of the unit, visually showing nurses which rooms are due for an hourly round. These maps provide valuable insight into patient location, census, and room vacancies. Rounding maps are displayed continuously on a dedicated monitor in the nurse workstation, making it easy for staff to collaborate as a team to care for patients, ensuring a round is never missed.

Drive performance improvement

The beauty in documenting your rounds using a digital format is the access you gain to analytics, statistics, and overall compliance — with the simple click of a button. We approach rounding as a team sport by displaying unit-combined statistics for all staff to view — encouraging both teamwork and compliance. Nurse leaders can print customized reports or search individual records for easy service recovery, giving management a tool to coach staff and recognize those top performers. Vigilance™ generates the metrics you need to create a culture of excellent service, teamwork, and accountability.

Communicate efficiently

Nurses interact with Vigilance™ around-the-clock, which makes it a great medium to communicate unit-specific or house-wide messages and alerts to nursing staff. We call these messages ‘Notes’. Notes provide an effective means for nurse leaders to remind nurses of initiatives and recognize staff members for providing exceptional care.

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