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Rounding Replay: Understanding Why It Didn’t Work the First Time

Is your organization struggling to hardwire rounding?

Did you implement rounding only to come short on your goals and outcomes?

Join us during this educational webinar where we will discuss how to evaluate the barriers to rounding in your organization and how to assess your team's readiness to change.

Nobl Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC, says, “This brief program helps to identify the barriers to successful rounding and ways to improve the process. This program identifies the reasons why rounding fails and how to support team members through change to improve.”

Participants can receive 0.50 free contact hours for attending this webinar. Dr. Teresa Anderson urges participants to sign up because “it provides free nursing continuing education credit and a tool that make sense for real nurses with multiple patients and busy shifts.”

Dr. Teresa Anderson assures participants that “the interactive format of the webinar will allow participants to enter their questions into the chat section and get them answered during the session or in 1:1 session afterward if they wish.”

This webinar takes place on Friday, June 23 2017 12pm – 12:30pm (CT).

This webinar is presented by Nobl Chief Nursing Officer, Dr.Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC

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This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the Midwest Multistate Division, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

3 Ways to Save Time with a Nurse Rounding Tool

Nurses spend an average of 10,000 minutes per month responding to call lights because they are frequently called into patient rooms for position adjustment, toileting assistance, and to ease pain. A patient-centric rounding tool will increase patient experience in your organization by proactively anticipating patient needs. A nurse rounding tool can save you time with automatic data aggregation and reports, workflow gains, and streamline communication.

Automatic Data Aggregation and Reports

You might walk into a patient’s room and spend more time manually logging rounding data instead of focusing on the patient’s needs. Efficiently document hourly rounds with a nurse rounding tool at the bedside using a mobile device or computer. Customize your rounding checklists to support the variety of patient populations you serve. With a nurse rounding tool, you can create automatic reports from all the rounding data in a matter of seconds. Search rounding logs, uncover trends, and share reports with staff to cultivate a culture of purposeful rounds. You will be able save time with a nurse rounding tool by automatically gathering data and creating reports.

Workflow Gains

The ease of technology is eliminating steps in your workflow with a nurse rounding tool. You no longer have to manage and track down patients because they are automatically placed into the system and taken out. A nurse rounding tool will also remind you which patients are due for a round and how long it's been since the last round. Now you can spend less time on the logistics of rounding and more time on improving the patient experience through purposeful rounds. Increase your workflow efficiency and save time by using a nurse rounding tool.

Streamline Communication

Use communication to sustain a culture of rounding without losing a second of patient-centric care. A nurse rounding tool can automatically alert another department to help resolve a patient issue. Your department will be more efficient and effective by employing this faster and simpler method. Solve patient problems quicker at the click of a button to improve patient satisfaction. Save time by streamlining communication to create and sustain a culture of teamwork and reliability through a nurse rounding tool.

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