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Why Nurses Love Using Nobl Vigilance When Performing Hourly Rounds

Ask anyone who's ever attempted to hardwire hourly rounding about its challenges, and they'll ask you to take a seat. Rarely a week goes by in which someone, usually those in nursing, bends our ears about what frontline patient care staff think of hourly rounding, and more specifically Vigilance™ Hourly Rounds. We answer as truthfully as we can, but the honest truth is that we aren't the ones interfacing with our software day in day out—that duty belongs to the wonderful frontline care staff who love using Vigilance™.

We created this video with the help of some of our best frontline care staff, to help explain the benefits of hourly rounding with Vigilance™. After all, we'd argue that they know best.

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Infographic: 2015 Friends & Family Portal

As we usher in 2016, our team decided to reflect upon our accomplishments from the year before. As we analyzed data we collected about Nobl Vigilance's Friends and Family Portal*, we came across some seriously staggering numbers. You're in luck, because we've created an infographic to show you just how much was communicated in 2015.

Nobl Friends and Family Portal Infographic 2015

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“A look at Nobl's Friends & Family portal Communication in 2015. 21,000: Number of visits to our Friends and Family Portal, or points of qualified communication. 3.5 minutes: Average duration of each portal visit. 3.5 minutes equates to: 73,500 hours, or 8.4 years of patient, nurse, & family communication. Ready to bring your hospital's communication 8.4 years into the future? Schedule a demo to learn how effective hourly rounding will improve your culture.”

*Communicating with family in a timely and consistent manner is an important part of providing quality patient care, but often takes precious time away from staff. Vigilance™ makes updating family easier by providing routine nurse-to-family digital communication through its Friends and Family Portal.


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