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Client Outcomes Featured on The Beryl Institute

We're excited to announce that The Beryl Institute, a global healthcare-centric community dedicated to improving the patient experience, published a case study featuring Bryan Health's implementation, use, and sustained outcome while using Nobl's hourly rounding platform Vigilance™.

Highlights from the case study:

"Bryan Medical Center partnered with Nobl to implement Vigilance™, a digital hourly rounding solution. Bryan Medical Center initially piloted the rounding tool on six adult medical-surgical units. After the pilot phase, the solution was expanded throughout the 640-bed organization and implemented onto 100% of the general acute care, rehab and progressive care areas."

"Bryan Medical Center has achieved substantial returns from implementation of the rounding tool. In the six (6) months following software implementation on the six adult inpatients units, there was a documented average of 41.4% reduction in patient falls. Staff noted fewer interruptions from call lights and 82.46% of nurses surveyed agreed that Nobl Vigilance™ has improved the consistency of their hourly rounds."

To read more, click here, or download the PDF below.

Download The Beryl Institute Case Study

Nurses #EmpoweringCare during National Healthcare Quality Week

In honor of Healthcare Quality Week, our nurses shared with us about how they ‪#‎EmpowerCare‬ when caring for their patients:

Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I love getting to know my patients. By asking little questions, a lot of times you can find something you have in common and go on that. -- Barb Bakenhus, RN, Bryan Health

Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I try to get on a personal level with my patients from the start. I use a lot of stories from my family who's gone through similar things, so that they don't feel alone in what they're going through. -- Emily Acker, RN, Bryan Health
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

Walking is a big thing on our unit, so I encourage my patients to go a little bit farther each time. We make a good team. -- Kayla Powley, RN, Bryan Health
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I like smiling and listening to the patients and being compassionate. Listening to their problems makes them feel better. -- Brooke Kendle, RN, CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I look at each patient as if they were my family member. I know how I want my family to be treated when they're a patient, so I treat mine as well as I can. -- Melissa Oates, RN, CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

Sometimes the Oncology nursing staff have weekend potlucks, and when we do, we make sure to make our oncology patients a plate. They're like family to us. -- CHI Health St. Elizabeth Oncology Nursing Staff
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I like to get to know my patients personally. I try and make the hospital feel like a home away from home, even though it's really tough for the, so they can go home feeing good about their stay. It’s all about relationships. -- Rose Sischo, RN, CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Bryan Health Medical Surgical Nurse

I don't like tense situations, so I love to diffuse them with humor. Patients tell me I brighten up the room with my... *shout from another nurse: energy!*! I love to light up the room with a smile.  -- Sally Saf, RN, CHI Health St. Elizabeth
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