Falls Prevention

Your Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Patient Falls

From attempting to get out bed to a deactivated bed alarm, there are many reasons why a patient may fall without assistance. The best fall prevention plans support interventions that allow nurses and care providers to anticipate and meet patient needs proactively. Vigilance™ helps drive the best-practice behaviors of hourly rounding to ensure your patients’ safety is addressed every hour. With Vigilance™, your nurses receive unprecedented situational awareness and guidance as to when patient’s needs should be addressed.

Vigilance™ Helps Prevent and Reduce Patient Falls with:

Fall Risk Alerts

Built in Fall Risk Alerts

Vigilance™ has alerts that can be turned on for high fall risk patients. When these features are activated, the care provider receives an alert interface reminding them to turn on the bed alarm and notification that the patient is a fall risk. This feature brings fall risk awareness to the care provider and it ensures that if the patient gets out of bed in the next hour they are protected with an auditory bed alarm.

Vigilance Rounding Maps

Proactive and Timely Routine Care

Vigilance’s™ rounding maps ensure your front-line staff are always aware when a proactive and purposeful hourly round is due. These rounding maps are strategically placed in high traffic locations throughout the unit on a digital display. By increasing awareness, everyone now has the opportunity to care for that patient — increasing compliance, teamwork, and patient safety.

Process Reminders

Process Reminders

Vigilance™ helps your hospital hardwire hourly rounding by reminding care providers of the expected tasks to check on each hour. These tasks are shown in a checklist format and are customized to each patient population served at your hospital — ensuring the process drives increased patient safety and nurse efficiency.

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