Hardwire hourly rounding in your organization

Vigilance™ is more than just a method to document hourly rounds. Our comprehensive rounding platform is the key to hardwire hourly rounding in your organization. Vigilance™ allows hospitals to finally gain the full intended benefits of the hourly rounding process by improving rounding efficiency, outcomes and patient satisfaction — giving your hospital long-term value from just one intuitive platform.



Work smarter, not harder
  • Nurses have more time to complete patient care tasks and take back control of their time.
  • Nurses walk less each shift.
  • Nurses spend less of their time on the phone updating family.
  • Units are quieter, less hectic, and are more team oriented.
  • Patients only use their call light for emergencies and immediate needs.
  • Patient needs are met proactively and issues are resolved immediately.


Prevent adverse events before they occur
  • Patient falls are prevented and significantly reduced.
  • Patients’ pain is consistently assessed and is better controlled.
  • Patients are less likely to develop pressure ulcers.
  • Patients’ experience shorter hospital stays due to closer condition monitoring.


Achieve an exceptional patient and family experience
  • Nurse morale and job satisfaction are increased.
  • Staff are easily accessible, making for happier patients.
  • Patient and family complaints are greatly reduced.
  • HCAHPS scores increase — especially in the areas of overall hospital rating and nursing composites.
  • Families feel less anxious and more satisfied with the care their loved one receives.